Healthy steps to maintain public health

Healthy steps to maintain public health

Healthy steps to maintain public health

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* The third step: let the laziness and move

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 1. Make physical activity enjoyable

Perhaps one of the factors that make you hate physical activity is your feeling that it is a forced act that is being imposed on you, so try to make it as enjoyable as possible; If going to the club and exercising traditionally is heavy on your heart, you do not have to adhere to this recipe literally, take a walk and walk with your friends and family members, play with them a game that requires some competition and movement such as table tennis, and perhaps you should also try exercising such as karate or Even dancing.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 2. Set a weekly goal for this exercise

You can start with an easy goal that you can accomplish without much trouble; The weekly goal gives you some flexibility if you cannot exercise one day during the week. And reward yourself with the end of the week if you achieve the goal, you can buy flowers for yourself, for example, as a reward and express gratitude.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 3. Don't ignore what you can't achieve 

 If you have limited time or you are exhausted, exercise a limited amount of activity commensurate with the time or effort available; You can take a stroll while you are back from work for ten minutes or go up and down the ladder several times.

 4. Use some simple devices or applications

 That can help you measure and encourage your effort; These devices include those that take steps after you walk daily, as experts advise you to take 10,000 steps daily; You can also work with a private trainer if this is available in order to make training an organized job. It goes without saying that exercising physical activity is not limited to those who wish to lose weight, as the sport is for everyone.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 Step 4: Change your eating habits

 1. It is not about eating certain foods and avoiding others but it mainly relates to awareness about different choices; Instead of saying 'I should eat more fruits and vegetables', say 'I choose to eat more fruits and vegetables', and although the difference between the two expressions appears slight, the last expression makes you feel able to control your choices.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 2. Plan your next meals

 Fill your fridge with healthy options so that you can choose from them, especially for snacks that you may eat when you are hungry.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 3. Eat your food calmly

 Do not eat while watching TV, work or driving, if you like food, the enjoyment of eating it will increase and your feeling of fullness will be better if you do not do anything else with it.

 4. Eat five to nine fruits of various vegetables and fruits daily

 Try the different spectrum colors of these types to get the most nutritional benefit.

 * The fifth step: deal with stress

 In general, there are two strategies for dealing with stress

Healthy steps to maintain public health

 1. In the long run

 Try to acquire skills that enable you to deal with stress in general, such as meditation and yoga, in order to maintain a limited level of stress in general.

 Healthy steps to maintain public health

 2. As for the short term

 Try to find ways to deal with stress situations; For example: if your day at work is difficult; You can go up and down the ladder several times until the energy of anger is extinguished, and you can also perform ablution or breathe in a certain way until the tension is gone.

 3. Keep records of gratitude

 In it write the names of the positive people in your life, the happy events, and the things you are grateful for their existence. Remember the blessings that God has blessed you with, and this record can change your sense of life when you feel that you already have a lot.

Healthy steps to maintain public health

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